A 350 year old method Twisted into perfection.

To truly understand who we are and what we do, we must respect history.

At Afterthought Spirits Company we have taken a 17th Century method, studied it, learnt from it, embraced it and twisted it into perfection.

Employing traditional methods coupled with a modern twist results in our amazing, smooth gins with unique flavours.

Including traditional botanicals, our secret process ensures Afterthought Twisted Gins are a true reflection of the old ways resulting in a distinctive, sophisticated, and smooth taste.

Afterthought Xmas hamper

STYLE: NAVY STRENGTH 50cl + Premium 50cl

PRICE: £90


Afterthought Xmas Hamper: Enjoy our festive Gin gift basket featuring both of our award winning Gin’s and a sample tonic in a lovely wrapped wicker basket.

    Afterthought Twisted Gin


    PRICE: £42


    Afterthought Twisted Gin Navy Strength: is our strongest offering, a vapour infused and extremely smooth gin. Flavoured with Meadowsweet, sweet Strawberries and Pink Peppercorns.

    Key Botanicals:
    Juniper. Coriander. Orris Root. Angelica. Cardamom. Star Anise. Cassia. Cubeb.

    Twisted with:
    Meadowsweet. sweet Strawberries. Pink Peppercorns.

      Afterthought Twisted Gin

      STYLE: PREMIUM 50cl

      PRICE: £36


      Afterthought Twisted Gin Premium: is our flagship, a vapour infused and botanically intense gin. Flavoured with meadowsweet, fresh citrus and distinctive Indian Sarsaparilla.

      Key Botanicals:
      Juniper. Coriander. Orris Root. Angelica. Cardamom. Star Anise. Cassia. Cubeb.

      Twisted with:
      Orange Peel. Tangerine Peel. Fresh Lime. Meadowsweet. Indian Sarsaparilla.

      Afterthought Lab Kit


      PRICE: £20


      Our original tasting pack, still available while stocks last! The Afterthought  Lab Kit contain 4 x 50cl sample bottles of each of our gins, along with some deliciously distinctive cocktail ideas for each of our gins from master mixologists, Gung-Ho Cocktail Bar.

      Each kit contains:

      • 1 x 5cl Afterthought No.1 (Premium Gin)
      • 1 x 5cl Afterthought No.2 (Navy Strength Gin)
      • 1 x 5cl Afterthought No.3 (New Wave Gin)
      • 1 x 5cl Afterthought No.4 (London Dry)

      Afterthought Twisted Gin and Afterthought Lab kit 

      Dual purchase of Afterthought Twisted Gin Premium and Afterthought Lab Kit

      PRICE: £50


      Order contains:

      • 1 x Afterthought Lab Kit (as above)
      • 1 x 50cl Afterthought Twisted Gin


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