Professors Club Original Twisted Gin

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Professors Club Original Twisted Gin is a vapour infused and botanically intense gin. Flavoured with meadowsweet, fresh citrus and distinctive Indian Sarsaparilla.

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Professors Club Original Twisted Gin: is our flagship, a vapor infused and botanically great gin, Flavored with meadowsweet, fresh citrus, and distinctive Indian Sarsaparilla.

Key Botanicals:
Juniper. Coriander. Orris Root. Angelica. Cardamom. Star Anise. Cassia. Cubeb.

Twisted with:
Orange Peel. Tangerine Peel. Fresh Lime. Meadowsweet. Indian Sarsaparilla.

Strength: 42% ABV 



Professors club Original twisted gin: To truly understand who we are and what we do, we must respect history.

At Afterthought Spirits Company, we have taken a 17th Century method, studied it, learned from it, embraced it, and twisted it into perfection.
Employing traditional methods coupled with a modern twist, results in our fabulous, smooth gins with unique flavors.

Also, Including traditional botanicals, our secret process ensures Afterthought Gins are a true reflection of the old ways resulting in a distinctive, sophisticated, and smooth taste.


During this pandemic, Our warehouse is full of Gin stock at the moment, and we need to make room for the products required to manufacture hand sanitizer according to WHO guidelines.

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